Aweber is a great autoresponder but did you know that every time you add a subscriber to a new email campaign or list then that counts as a new subscriber?

This means that if you had a list of 2000 subscribers and you 501 or more of those, opted in for something and were added to another list or campaign. Then you would be upgraded to the next package and automatically charged for more subscribers, even though it’s still the same email address and realistically the same subscriber.

So if you are using Aweber then you need to ensure that you remove them from the previous email list or campaign otherwise that 1 subscriber can count as 2,3,4 or more which will soon lead to you being charged a lot more!

Also, when they are unsubscribed, their data is still stored in your account and you will still be charged for that subscriber so you need to remove them from your account.

I hope this has helped and please share this with or tag anyone you know who also uses or is thinking about using Aweber. Thanks

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